Specifications of the Synvoiz


  • Full analog design with a lot of half-normal 3.5 mm jack sockets so you can edit the routing or modulate any interesting parameter if wanted
  • 6.3 mm jack socket audio output (with a volume control)
  • MIDI In for convenient interfacing
  • Eurorack modular mounting system compatible – if wished the Synvoiz comes in a wooden case
  • 12 V AC power via Mini-XLR plug (case version)


  • Two Buchla style triangle VCOs
  • Morphwave output ranging from triangle to sawtooth/square (can be modulated)
  • Separate pwm-square wave output
  • Both oscillators are independent tune-able via big knobs
  • Additional mastertune and VCO 2 fine tune potentiometer
  • Linear and exponential frequency modulation
  • Hard sync and soft sync


  • Blending between both VCOs via potentiometer
  • Cross-amp modulation (VCO 1 modulates volume of VCO 2 and vice versa)
  • Ringmodulation
  • Noise (default routed to VCO 2 can be routed anywhere via jack socket)


  • Inspired by a Steiner-Parker filter
  • Multimode – switchable between lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch
  • Input can be overdriven
  • Additional to resonance there is a feedback loop into the VCO section to get serious distortion
  • Two CV inputs (default routed to LFO 1 and EG 1)
  • Interchangeable through separate pcb board

Envelope Generators

  • Two ADSR envelopes
  • Loop- and gated loop-mode
  • Time fader scales the overall timing of the EG
  • Maximum length of two seconds per phase at the moment
  • Minimum length gets into audio frequency territory – in loop-mode it’s practically an additional LFO
  • Future firmware updates possible

Multifunction – LFO

  • Seven different waveforms (sawtooth up and down, square, triangle, sinus, exponential triangle like and random)
  • Frequency and symmetry adjustable via knob or control voltage
  • Syncable (retriggering – no MIDI sync)
  • Quantization for sample and hold style effects
  • Two additional triangel LFOs for even more movement


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