How to change the MIDI channel of the interface

After not using the Synvoiz for a while I was wondering why there was no sound coming out of the box. The envelopes didn’t trigger by the MIDI notes. So I checked the channel in my DAW, the cable and counter-checked with another synth. The interface of the Synvoiz wasn’t reacting to any MIDI notes at all. Ok then – lets set the default channel again!

To do this you have to open up the box. Mind that the power cable coming from the PSU-board (which is fixed on the ground of the box) isn’t very long. You will see this:

First view of the Synvoiz when opening the box.
On the left you can see the separate filter-board sitting on the main platine. On the right is the little MIDI-interface-PCB.

Changing the MIDI-channel is pretty straight forward. You have to press a button inside the box and the next MIDI-message going into the interface sets the channel. So just play a note on the right channel – done. But where is this little button?

In fact you have to move the board up to see him. Look here:

Enlarged view of the MIDI-channel-set-button.
Right to the “GND” label on the main PCB you can see a little black button.

That’s it!